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  If you think the old, boring mechanical connecting tone bores your friends when they call, it's time to replace the rings with StarHub Mobile's Call Tones!

With over 6,000 hit songs, tunes and funny expressions to choose from, you can express yourself with music and surprise and entertain your family and friends whenever they call you.

Plus, you can assign different Call Tones for specific callers,
and you can specify the date and time of what you want your family and friends to hear when they call you.

What is more, it is really affordable!
Service Subscription Fee:
(with one free StarHub Call Tone)
$2.14 (Postpaid)
$2.00 (Prepaid)
Each Call Tone purchase: $2.14 (Postpaid)
$2.00 (Prepaid)

Note: New subscribers to Call Tones will be charged service subscription fee only for the first month when they activate the service. For subsequent months, subscribers will only pay for whatever purchased Call Tones they have in their libraries or minimum service subscription fee if there are no purchased
Call Tones in their libraries for any particular calendar month.
Call Tones are renewable and valid for one calendar month.
5 days before the first of each month, you will receive a renewal SMS and have the choice to either (a) retain the same Call Tones, or (b) delete and/or (c) purchase brand new Call Tones.